Tesla owner uses car's 'Summon' mode to remove daughter's loose tooth

Tesla owner uses car's 'Summon' mode to remove daughter's loose tooth

"And that is how you use the Summon feature"

IT USED to be common practise to extract a loose tooth with a length of string and a slammed door, but an enterprising Tesla owner has used an altogether more high tech bit of kit: his electric saloon car and its autonomous parking mode.

Though Tesla originally designed the “Summon” feature for owners to remotely drive their cars into and out of tight parking spots, Paul Rocchini, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reckoned it could also help remove his daughter’s “pretty loose” baby tooth.

In a video posted to Twitter, Rocchini is seen attaching one end of a length of dental floss to his Tesla Model S’s boot catch and the other to his daughter’s gnasher. He then uses his smartphone to roll the car forward while a third person hold his daughter head. The tooth is duly removed with much fuss.

Using the #Tesla Summon feature to remove my daughter’s loose tooth! #models @elonmusk @Tesla pic.twitter.com/mPBnBuxgQY

— Paul Rocchini (@paul_rocchini) March 28, 2019

While it’s certainly a creative solution, pulling out a wobbly tooth with a car isn’t something we’d recommend. Forcibly removing loose teeth is quite risky whatever method you use, according to dentists, as it increaes the risk of infection and could damage the mouth permanently.

Credit: Paul Rocchini

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