'Old school' games rule when it comes to keeping kids entertained in the car

It's I Spy over iPad

Family games

YOU MIGHT think that children are happy to be glued to their smartphones, taking selfies, playing Angry Birds or chatting to their friends, but when it come to boring car journeys, parents say that something a bit more stone-age will keep them from asking ‘Are you nearly there yet?’

Even in the digital era of iPads, iPods and iPhones, mums and dads say that nothing can beat ‘old school’ family games to the kids entertained. A survey of parents found that ‘I Spy’, the ‘Banana Game’ and the ‘Animal Name Game’ were rated more likely to keep children occupied for long journeys abroad than modern electronic alternatives.

The survey of almost 900 parents with school-aged children, carried out by the RAC, found that more than two thirds thought interactive family games were the best way to pass time when driving in Europe.

“For those of us who grew up with nothing more than a Beano annual and a Walkman for company on long family drives, the advent of mobile technology for children may seem like a luxury,” said Pete Williams from the RAC. “But looking back on those trips there is a real sense of family nostalgia and great memories, so it’s refreshing to see that many families are still ‘old school’ and choose not to depend too heavily on technology.”

How to play the Banana Game

Keep an eye out of a yellow car

Once you’ve spotted one, shout “banana!”

Give yourself a point if you were the first person to say it. Lose a point if there wasn’t a yellow car

The person with the most points becomes the ‘top banana’

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