The five best driving video games

F1 has replaced its postponed races with virtual ones, using the official F1 game as a platform. But what are the best driving games of all time?

Test Bench: Retro games consoles

There's no need to dust off any clunky cartridges with these reimagined games consoles
project cars 2 review: Le Mans

Back on track: Project Cars 2 game review

Not many people would envy the games studios bringing out motor racing titles these days. Expectations are huge, not only in terms of graphics...
Best in-car entertainment ideas for children on long journeys

Best in-car entertainment ideas for children

Hitting the road for a family holiday can be stressful enough, so the last thing you need is a car full of unhappy passengers.
Gran Turismo sport launch date, details and images

Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 launch date and details...

The new Gran Turismo game for the PS4 console will be launched in November, with 137 remodelled cars, 19 tracks and 27 layouts
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Find out your 'driving age' in this reaction test game

A new online game can identify how old you are based on how fast your reactions are at the wheel.
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CLOSED: Win a Real FX Racing radio controlled game...

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'Old school' games rule when it comes to keeping kids...

You might think that children are happy to be glued to their smartphones, taking selfies, playing Angry Birds or chatting to their friends, but when...