NSPCC warns of roadside "Kiki Challenge" dangers

You know it's dangerous when even Jeremy Clarkson does it sensibly

THE NSPCC has issued a warning to parents about the potentially dangerous “Kiki Challenge”, after an array of roadside injuries caused by attempts of the viral trend.

The Kiki Challenge involves jumping out of and completing a specific dance move alongside a moving car, and has been inspired by the Drake song In My Feelings,

Perhaps unsurprisingly, major injuries have resulted from people attempting the task. The most severe reported casualty caused by the stunt occurred recently in the United States of America, after a teenager from Iowa was sent to intensive care after sustaining a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain.

It is possible, however, to safely complete the Kiki Challenge. In a recent post, Jeremy Clarkson demonstrates how to throw some moves on the dancefloor – or, in this case, dining room rug – to the amusement of onlookers.

In response to the dangers, the NSPCC’s associate head of child safety Andy Burrows declared: “It’s common for children to want to join in with the latest trends they see online and to want to imitate celebrities, but taking part in this challenge involves being helped by an adult or teenage driver to drive alongside and film. Given the clear risks involved, we’d urge parents and young drivers not to encourage this trend.”

Lancashire Police also issued a warning on the Kiki Challenge: “Taking part in this craze is both dangerous and foolish. We do not condone people jumping out of moving vehicles and it is an offence to use your mobile phone whilst driving.” Police in Mumbai have taken proceedings a step further too, threatening prison time for anyone caught participating in the stunt.