News: Isle of Man speed limits

Drivers could be committing a serious offence if they ignore limits

News: Isle of Man speed limits

WE HAVE been contacted by the Isle of Man Roads Policing Unit about an article by Guy Martin published in April. He describes driving an Aston Martin Vanquish on the island’s TT circuit and says at one stage he “saw 180mph” on the Sulby Straight.

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The police point out that although the road approaching the village of Sulby is “derestricted” — there is no speed limit — the section they define as the Sulby Straight is limited to 40mph, and 30mph where it passes through the residential area of Sulby.

Drivers could be committing a serious offence if they ignore these limits.

The Isle of Man police also say that in their view no ordinary car and driver could complete the TT circuit in the 22 minutes suggested in the article while complying with speed limits along the route.

Sergeant Allan Thompson said: “The derestricted areas are still public roads with two-way traffic, and to travel at such high speeds could constitute inconsiderate or dangerous driving.”

Guy Martin was not available for comment but a source close to him said: “In no way would Guy have driven dangerously and he would never knowingly drive above a speed limit in a residential area. There are various roads on the island, which form part of the  TT course, where there are upper national speed limits — and in the case of the Isle of Man that means there is no speed limit.”

Andy Spellman, Martin’s representative, said: “The [22-minute] lap time was only a guesstimate by Guy. It wasn’t timed in any way.”