Latest Kia Stinger raises its game

Sleeker body and higher quality cabin

KIA MOTORS has unveiled images of its refreshed flagship Kia Stinger, the car that the company hopes will give rivals at Audi and BMW even more cause for pause. The Stinger has been refreshed both inside and out — changes to the car’s external appearance have, says Kia, “amplified its gran turismo character.” Which is exactly what you’d expect a carmaker tilting at the likes of Audi and BMW to say.

The Kia’s nose still features the company’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille, but that is now flanked with quite good looking reflector LED headlights — even when they’re switched off they appear darker and more slickly styled. Even the daytime running lights have been designed for a more impactful aesthetic.

Lots of effort was made on the tail of the Stinger, too, with updated lamps that run the width of the car. New turn signals are made up of ten individual LED units each. They are, according to Kia, “arranged in a grid pattern to mimic the appearance of a checkered flag, used in motor sport to signal the end of a race.” Potentially a neat idea, but imagine how embarrassing explaining them to friends would be.

For those customers opting for more powerful Stinger models, there are optional wider bore exhaust tips and a motor sport inspired rear diffuser. New 18 and 19-inch wheels are also available — all of these features contribute to a more performance oriented profile.

For the cabin, Kia says that the Stinger now uses higher-quality materials, a smart move given that rivals feature some of the finest cabins on the market. The infotainment system, with its 10.25-inch touchscreen, has also been upgraded. The actual architecture of the cabin is unchanged, though. And taking its cue from manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, the Stinger offers mood lighting which allows the driver to select any one of 64 colours. That sounds fun.

The Stinger rides on a rear-wheel drive chassis and currently offers a 197bhp diesel and two petrol engines, a 242bhp ‘four and a storming 361bhp V6. No word on whether there will be any changes to the engine line-up.

Prices have yet to be announced for the new model, with current prices ranging from £32,925 to £41,145. We would guess there will be a small uptick on those numbers. Not cheap but Kia’s famous seven-year warranty should take the edge off.

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