Lamborghini drivers get Alexa voice control for their cars ... and smart homes

'Alexa, open my garage door'

LAMBORGHINI is claiming it will soon be the first car manufacturer to integrate Amazon Alexa in its vehicles, allowing drivers to adjust functions such as navigation, heating, interior lighting, and even smart home features — such as opening a garage door — via voice commands.

Owners of current generation BMW and Mercedes cars may be a bit miffed by the claim, given that their cars may already come with Alexa-based voice control systems — we can switch on seat heating via voice command on our long-term 3 Series, for example. The new VW Golf will also come with a sophisticated Alexa-based voice control system.

However, Lamborghini’s system seems to be more closely tied to Amazon in that, just like the home smart speaker, it wakes with the phrase “Alexa” rather than “Hey, BMW” or “Hello, Volkswagen”, and the smart home integration is something beyond most voice control tech that we’ve tested.

And by integrating it in the 630bhp V10-powered Huracán Evo, Lamborghini is claiming it’s the first time a connected infotainment system with digital services has featured in a super sports car.

Drivers of the Huracán Evo in both four-wheel drive and forthcoming rear-wheel drive forms will be able to not only place calls, get directions, play music and audiobooks, and check news and weather (all becoming fairly standard vehicle features), but also open their home’s entry gates, change central heating settings and control their household lights from the car’s driver’s seat, as long as they’re smart products connected to the household WiFi.

Lamborghini says the integration of voice commands means drivers have more time to focus on the road ahead.

The Italian supercar maker says this is just the first step in a “strategic collaboration” with Amazon, whereby both companies will work to develop further “connectivity innovations” and integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing subsidiary of Amazon. The deal will include continual updates of Alexa’s functionality in Lamborghini vehicles over time.

Ned Curic, vice president of Alexa Auto at Amazon, said: “Our vision is for Alexa to become a natural, intuitive part of the driving experience, and Lamborghini has embraced that by integrating Alexa directly into its onboard infotainment systems.

“The integration will enable Lamborghini owners to enjoy the convenience of an intelligent voice service while focusing on the joy of the Lamborghini driving experience, and we expect it to set a new standard for in-car voice experiences when it ships this year.”

The all-wheel drive Huracán Evo in hard top and Spyder (convertible) form were launched last year, and can accelerate from 0-62mph in under three seconds before hitting a top speed of “more than 202mph”. The rear-wheel drive version was announced this month, and will begin deliveries this Spring.

However, the Alexa option will only arrive on new models “during the course of 2020”, so if you’ve already ordered one and don’t want to miss out, best give your dealer a call.