Google co-founder Larry Page invests in another flying car company

Watch the BlackFly take flight

GOOGLE co-founder Larry Page isn’t willing to put all his eggs in one flying car basket, it seems, after investing in a second company with ambitions to get personal vehicles airborne.

The billionaire has been named as a “strategic backer” of Opener, a Canadian flying car maker that recently unveiled the BlackFly single-seater commuter aircraft.

Page’s interests in Opener follow his support of the flying car start-up firm Kitty Hawk. As well as launching its own single-seater aircraft in the form of the all-electric Flyer flying boat, Kitty Hawk is also developing an autonomous flying taxi it calls the Cora.

Currently, it’s unclear why Larry Page has given his backing to two rival companies, though it could be a result of a growing interest in the flying car market from conventional car makers, who may be looking for established partners for their own flying car projects.

Currently, Audi is collaborating with Airbus on an autonomous flying taxi while the ride-hailing firm Uber is working with NASA on a rival concept, and even Aston Martin has hinted at a desire to explore flying vehicles with its Volante Vision private aircraft design study.

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