Former Aston and Jaguar design chief unveils futuristic Skye ATV electric off-roader

The deer won’t hear you coming

Ian Callum, the man who designed the Aston Martin DB9, 2006 Jaguar XK and Jaguar I-Pace, has unveiled a four-wheel-drive, pure-electric adventure vehicle called the Callum Skye.

The designer’s eponymous company says the Skye is unique in the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) sector, not only for its electric powertrain but also because its occupants sit in a “fully enclosed, comfortable and refined” cabin with a 2+2 seating arrangement (two front seats and two rear perches for smaller occupants or luggage).

Most ATVs have open seating positions similar to a motorbike, while off-road buggies feature little more than a rollcage and rudimentary canopy to protect their users from the elements.

Callum Skye

First entirely in-house product

This is the Callum company’s first model that was entirely conceived, designed and developed in-house, and it will now go through rigorous testing and engineering tweaks ahead of the firm’s plans to bring it to market in spring 2024.

To that end, detailed specifications for the Skye are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know some of the crucial elements. For example, it will have a 42kWh battery that gives it a maximum range of 170 miles, which is plenty for an ATV.

Ultra-rapid charging capability is claimed to allow battery to go from nothing to full capacity in less than ten minutes at its maximum recharging rate.

Callum Skye

Designed primarily to be great fun on a variety of off-road terrains — such as gravel tracks, grassy paddocks, compacted sand and even snow — the Skye has a spaceframe chassis construction, for both strength and lightness.

Callum says it will weigh 1,150kg, with that mass split 50:50 front-to-rear.

The power output hasn’t been confirmed as yet, but the Skye has enough potency to be able to do 0-62mph in around four seconds according to its maker.

Callum Skye

Compact size, quiet powertrain

In terms of dimensions, the Callum Skye is 4,047mm long and 1,900mm wide, so it’s a compact vehicle, despite the fact that it can potentially take four people onboard.

Trail-rated suspension means good ground clearance, as well as an innate ability to soak up the rough stuff off-road.

And its electric powertrain means it’ll be a lot quieter racing through the wilderness than many of its internal-combustion-powered alternatives.

Callum’s (the man) hand is obvious in the design of the Skye, with his trademark sweeping roofline present on the ATV.

Callum Skye

He added: “I believe the Skye is truly authentic — unique in concept and presence in the market.

“At four metres long, [it] is dramatically proportioned with a concise exterior aesthetic driven by its capabilities. It has been designed to exceed expectations: minimal mass, maximum capability — exceptionally usable and an absolute joy to drive.”

Anyone wanting to register their interest in the Callum Skye, ahead of more concise specifications and prices arriving ahead of its spring 2024 launch, can head to

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