Footballers pay highest insurance premiums for second year running

Jobs with the highest and lowest car insurance premiums revealed

Want low premiums? Start running a guest house

THE JOBS with the highest and lowest car insurance premiums have been revealed by price comparison site MoneySuperMarket, and it’s bad news for professional football players.

Footballers top the league for sky-high car insurance costs for the second year in a row, paying an average of £1,942 for their premium — more than four times the national average of £473.

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The high rates that footballers pay are most likely linked to the high value, high performance cars they drive, as well as the fact that professional athletes tend to be fairly young — drivers aged 17-25 pay the highest premiums as they’re statistically more likely to crash.

Joe Willock, a 21-year old Arsenal midfielder, was filmed smashing his £140,000 Mercedes-AMG G-Class last week.

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang last year showed off a fleet of supercars comprising four Lamborghinis and a LaFerrari (all wrapped in either gold or chrome), while football icon Cristiano Ronaldo owns several Bugattis, reportedly including a one-of-ten Centodieci, a reinterpretation of the EB110 supercar from the nineties.

The most costly jobs for car insurance

The top five most expensive professions are broadly similar to those on the list that MoneySuperMarket released last year, which also had footballer in the top spot.

Oddly, some less high profile jobs can be costly when it comes to insuring vehicles.  The second, third, fourth and fifth most expensive professions are car wash attendant, sportsman, fast food delivery driver and abattoir workers respectively.

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MoneySuperMarket didn’t fully explain why a range of ‘everyday’ professions result in high premiums but car insurance spokesperson Dave Merrick said:

“Insurance companies retain vast repositories of information on previous claims, which informs the way they calculate a premium. As a result, some professions are seen as more of a risk and are charged more.

“But it’s also important to note that other considerations will also be taken into account by insurers such as a driver’s age, their location and their previous claims history.”

Other professions that appear in the top 20 are ones that could be associated with young drivers — students living at home and school students both pay well over £1,000, while two jobs titles bearing the word “assistant” appear.

20 most expensive professions for car insurance

1. Footballer — £1,942
2. Car wash attendant — £1,616
3. Sportsman — £1,559
4. Fast food delivery driver — £1,537
5. Abattoir worker — £1,487
6. Scrap dealer — £1,396
7. Town Clerk — £1,324
8. Ceiling fixer — £1,224
9. Advertising assistant — £1,223
10. Model — £1,217
11. Car dealer — £1,200
12. Apprentice — £1,187
13. Picker — £1,165
14. Student (living at home) — £1,153
15. Fast food proprietor — £1,150
16. Minicab driver — £1,149
17. Carpenter’s assistant — £1,144
18. Barman — £1,141
19. School Student — £1,115
20. Builders Labourer — £1,077

The jobs that result in the cheapest car insurance

Those with the lowest insurance premiums according to MoneySuperMarket have jobs that could be associated with people of an older generation. The top five are guest house proprietor, typist, retired, registrar and examiner. These drivers are experienced behind the wheels and may have built up an extended period of driving without making an insurance claim.

20 least expensive professions for car insurance

1. Guest house proprietor — £258
2. Typist — £271
3. Retired — £275
4. Registrar — £289
5. Examiner — £295
6. Countryside ranger — £299
7. Medical secretary — £305
8. Chiropodist — £305
9. Hypnotherapist — £306
10. Potter — £306
11. Invigilator — £307
12. Local government officer — £308
13. Complementary therapist — £309
14. Archivist — £312
15. Acupuncturist — £312
16. Warden — £316
17. Library manager — £318
18. Janitor — £319
19. Psychodynamic counsellor — £321
20. Curator — £322

The way you describe you profession affects your premium

It’s important to always be honest when naming your profession during an insurance application, but it’s worth trying a few different ways to describe it, according to those in the industry.

When asked GoCompare for 10 ways to decrease your car insurance premium, its experts said that the way that you describe your job is very important.

For example, a “chef” could pay a different premium than a “cook”, while a “hairdresser” could pay differently to a “barber”.

Never lie during an application though, as that would invalidate the insurance and you’d be fully liable for any costs associated with a crash that was your fault.

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