First ‘post opulence’ Rolls-Royce feature isn't quite as pared back as we'd imagined

Luxury manufacturer dials down the bling ... with 850-star illuminated dashboard constellation

WHEN ROLLS-ROYCE announced last month that it was entering a new era of ‘post opulent’ design, eschewing bling and baubles in favour of ‘pared back simplicity’ beginning with new Ghost, fans of the marque waited with baited breath to see what this minimalist approach would look like.

Today, the manufacturer offered a first glimpse at the results, with the Ghost’s new dashboard fascia, and while it could be considered more subtle it’s certainly more than a slab of wood.

The illuminated nameplate and star cluster on passenger side of the Ghost’s dashboard took two years and 10,000 collective hours to perfect. Using 152 LED lights to illuminate 850 ‘stars’ and 90,000 laser-etched dots to bring to life the glowing Ghost graphic, the new twinkling fascia is intended to subtly echo the Starlight Headliner – Rolls Royce’s famous fibre optic constellation of up to 1,600 twinkling light painstakingly dotted into the leatherwork.

Lead bespoke designer Michael Brydon insists the fascia is in keeping with the new, simplified approach. “This elegant and minimal aesthetic is a specific response to the layer of clients who respond to Ghost: men and women who share a desire for a clean, pared-back expression of Rolls-Royce.”

The company today also announced a brand redesign, declaring itself not an automotive manufacturer but a ‘house of luxury’ with its key new colours being ‘Purple Spirit’ and a ‘foiled rose gold’.

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