Ferrari driver excuses speeding by telling police: 'This car goes fast'

Stating the obvious won't stop the ticket

IT WOULND’T occur to most drivers caught speeding to try excusing their law-breaking by telling police that their car “goes fast”, but that’s exactly the hand played by one Ferrari driver in Miami.

Monroe County police were alerted to the “reckless” Gabriel Molina, 29, driving “at a high rate of speed down the center lane” of a highway.

Molina was travelling at approximately 75mph when he passed Sgt. Robert Dosh’s waiting patrol car. The officer set off in pursuit but the Ferrari driver failed to stop.

In the ensuing chase, Molina “accelerated to 100mph” and switched off his lights, according to the police report.

Molina was later spotted by Sgt. Dosh at a petrol station, standing in front of his car with a female in the passenger seat. When taken into custody, the supercar driver denied evading arrest but admitted speeding, telling police: “The car is a Ferrari and it goes fast.”

The hapless motorist’s problems were compounded when his female passenger admitted that Molina had indeed seen the police pursuit car’s lights and heard its siren.

Molina was charged with fleeing and eluding, and taken to jail. His passenger was not charged.

This allegedly isn’t the first time the Ferrari driver has been caught breaking the law. According to local reports, he racked up nine traffic violations and $2,411 (roughly £1,840) in fines between 2013 and 2019, including one instance of going 100mph in a 55mph zone.

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