Electric Pininfarina PF0 will be the world's most powerful production car

1,900bhp EV is twice as potent as a LaFerrari

THE PININFARINA PF0 will be one of the world’s most powerful road cars when the pure-electric vehicle arrives in 2020.

Using a motor and battery setup developed by Rimac (the Croatian car maker behind the Concept_One that Richard Hammond famously crashed in 2017), the Pininfarina PF0 will produce a staggering 1,900bhp.

To put that into perspective, the most potent production cars on sale today — the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera hypercars — are each capable of generating “only” 1,479bhp. The torque figure is equally outrageous, with the 1,770lb-ft output being three times that of the McLaren Senna.

With that kind of firepower to call upon, Pininfarina unsurprisingly predicts the vehicle will be incredibly quick. It’s claimed the 0-62mph time could take less than two seconds, and the top speed is estimated to be in the region of 250mph. A theoretical range of over 300 miles on a single charge is also being touted.

As well as showcasing the powertrain specs, Pininfarina has detailed the design philosophy that will underpin its future cars. Dubbed “PURA”, the new ethos will “inspire the styling of [Pininfarina’s] future range of high-performance EVs”.

Though Pininfarina is remaining tight lipped about what these future cars could be, However, it has revealed feedback from its PF0 clients indicates a “significant interest in plans for future cars that will all be luxury, fully-electric and low-volume within their sector”.

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