"Absolutely shocking" triathlon cyclists condemned for colliding with horse

Cyclists condemned for 'absolutely shocking' near-misses and collision with horse

All cyclists involved will be "disqualified and banned" from future triathlons

ORGANISERS of the Royal Windsor Triathlon are investigating an “absolutely shocking” incident involving cyclists speeding past a horse rider, resulting in a collision that seriously spooked the animal and nearly threw the rider.

Caught on camera by the horse rider, the footage showed numerous cyclists overtaking at high speed, with a portion of those bike users passing within close proximity to the horse. One rider passes on the inside and clips the horse as they pass.

The rider later said her equine companion was so shaken by the event that it was “on the defence with every cyclist he met from then on.”

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The Royal Windsor Triathlon organiser Human Race Events has confirmed it is currently investigating the incident, with the cyclists involved facing disqualification from the race and a ban from all of its future events.

Human Race Events also confirmed “there will be further ramifications for these people with [the national triathlon governing body] British Triathlon and potentially further action taken”.

Since being published on social media, the footage of the Royal Windsor Triathlon horse collision has gone viral, having amassed nearly 4m views across Facebook and Twitter respectively at time of writing.

DashCamEd, the Twitter user who posted the video, who is also a cyclist and road safety campaigner, said not all bike riders should be condemned for the acts of a few and urged fellow bikers to respects horse riders and follow these rules when overtaking: