Single pothole payout cost council nearly £250,000 last year, as total claims hit £8m

A cyclist in St. Helens received a £200k government payout after suffering multiple injuries from a fall caused by a pothole.
Hit-and-run suspect tracked down with help of Reddit users

Hit-and-run suspect tracked down via Reddit

A police officer in Washington was able to arrest a hit-and-run suspect, with the assistance of some eagle-eyed car enthusiasts on Reddit.
"Absolutely shocking" triathlon cyclists condemned for colliding with horse

Video: Cyclists condemned for spooking horse

Organisers of the Royal Windsor Triathlon are investigating an "absolutely shocking" incident involving a cyclist colliding with a horse rider.
The best motoring gifs in the world part 1

The best motoring gifs in the world part 1

Gifs ... what the internet was made for.