Speeding drivers: higher fines for the worst offenders come into force

More than 1,000 drivers caught speeding daily in UK

Speeding violations occur every 75 seconds

MORE THAN a thousand drivers are caught speeding on a daily basis, meaning a speeding violation takes place every 75 seconds, according to new research.

In total, nearly 1.25 million speeding incidents have been recorded by police forces across the UK since the turn of 2015.

Direct Line Car insurance discovered 61% of all speeding offences, which total more than 700,000 cases, were recorded on roads with a 30mph limit.

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The next-highest percentage of speeding incidents occurred one 50mph (14%) and 40mph roads (13%), while only one in 12 (8%) of speeding incidents were recorded on motorways.

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line said: “Speeding can kill, but people still drive far too fast on Britain’s roads, even in areas specially designated as lower limits because of the risk to pedestrians.

“It is important to remember just how much difference speeding can make to reaction and braking speeds, and always account for poor weather and light as they can also affect a driver’s ability to control their vehicle.”

According to the research, which was obtained via freedom of information requests made to the UK’s 45 police forces, drivers caught speeding in 40mph areas clocked the highest excess speed, with speeding motorists on average driving at 61.4mph — 52% faster than the legal limit.

While those exceeding speed limits of 70mph were travelling on average at 88mph.

That said, the total number of speeding incidents recorded fell year-on-year between 2015 and 2016, decreasing by 5% from nearly 470,000 to 447,000.

The greatest reduction was seen in the number of drivers caught speeding on roads with limits of 50mph (15%) and 30mph (9%), though there was an increase in the number of drivers caught speeding on roads with 60mph and 70mph limits, rising by 40% and 56% respectively.

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