Hydrogen car

Reader Letters: Our hydrogen and electric car future, Clarkson on women and petrol rip-off

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Step on the gas
Hallelujah! At last, someone is talking about hydrogen-powered cars (“Britain’s clean fuel shame”, May 28). It’s obvious this method of fuelling vehicles must be the future. Once again it seems it was a British scientist who invented the technology, and once again it appears we will be left behind. Being able to fill a tank in a similar manner to a petrol or diesel one is far more useful than plugging in to an electric vehicle charging point.
Christopher Dale, Kidderminster


Home delivery
Electric car drivers fortunate enough to be able to park and recharge off road may spend less time refuelling than those driving petrol or hydrogen-powered cars. Plugging in at home takes no longer than plugging in a mobile phone. In 13,000 miles I’ve used public charging only nine times.
Dan Wild, Secretary, ElectrAA (Electric Automobile Association), Malvern, Worcestershire


Post truth
Jeremy Clarkson has as usual captured the essence of the BMW or Mercedes question in his Uma Thurman vs “the woman at the post office” analogy (“Fat and silent, like a biscuit-loving ninja”, June 4). Thurman can sing, dance and act (plus is highly strung), whereas the woman from the post office not only has those attributes but will also send all your important items, do your banking, assist with paying your utilities, provide currency and, moreover, tax your vehicle — not when she feels like it, but every working day.
Michelle Reidy, Grayshott post office, Hampshire

“I know BMW’s 6-series is more expensive and has 14mm less legroom in the back and can’t be ordered with four-wheel drive. But turning that down and buying the Mercedes instead is like turning down Uma Thurman for the woman at the post office. Because she’s so good at ironing.” Clarkson reviews the Mercedes e-class coupé


Fuelling discontent
What justification can be offered by petrol suppliers to account for a cost of 137.5p a litre at a motorway service station — a price I have just paid — compared with 115p in my local garage? Perhaps your man Clarkson could inquire in his usual robust fashion.
Peter Hill, via email