Model X delays and ham radios

Reader Letters: The price of pedestrian protection, Model X delays and ham radios

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Deer prudence

When a deer ran out in front of my Jaguar XE I applied an emergency stop. There was a loud bang, a cracking noise and the bonnet shot up. I thought I must have hit the deer, but when I got out, it was off in the bushes and there was no damage to the front. What had happened was the car’s “pedestrian protection” system had activated, raising the bonnet to provide a soft landing for the “person”.

I have had to pay for the damage to the hinges done by this system as well as buy new activators, all at a cost of £1,500.

John Wright, Duston, Northamptonshire

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Delayed reaction

Can anyone explain why Tesla keeps delaying the release of the Model X in the UK? We ordered ours in 2014 and were told delivery would be in mid-2015. Now we are being told January or February 2017. When we asked for the reason for the delay, we heard nothing. The Model 3 is due for launch in 2017. Does that mean a wait in the UK until 2019?

Andrew Chandler, via email


Talking point

I am a licensed radio ham and operate my in-car transmitter hands-free (“Letting go”, Letters, October 16). If I switch from the topic of conversation to a narrative of what is happening on the road ahead, those I’m speaking to know there is a situation that requires more of my concentration.

Ian Gordon, Camberley, Surrey


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