Reader Letters: Insurance groups and motorway gantry gaffes

Reader Letters: Insurance groups and motorway gantry gaffes

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Sign language

Terry Lockhart asks whether there’s anyone you can call about incorrect motorway matrix signs (“Motorway confusion”, Letters, November 13). The Highways Agency operates a 24-hour line on 0300 123 5000. However, most signs use a system called Midas — Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling — which sometimes does not close down and must be manually overridden.

Andrew Woodthorpe, Harrogate


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Risk assessment

Huw Beynon asks what insurance rebate a reader got for painting his car a different colour (“In the dark”, Letters, November 20). I’d guess none. Admiral greeted my change of an Audi A3 cabriolet for a Mini One D, which is in a far lower insurance group, with an instant rise in my premium. I phoned the company many times and finally was told “driving an unfamiliar car created a higher risk”.

Stuart Thompson, Shamley Green, Surrey


Old prejudices

I fear that Derrick Newland’s experience with Liverpool Victoria’s unrealistic insurance renewal charge is a portent of my own renewal, which is due this month (“Double or quits”, Letters, November 20). I too have a faultless driving record but this might not be relevant, as LV appears to have an overcautious attitude towards the over-80s.

Vic Queen, Hertford, Hertfordshire



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