Car clinic: Can you add UV film to windows for sun protection?

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Q. I will be doing a lot of driving this summer and would like to know the best way to protect my skin while I am in the car, apart from sun cream. For example, is there a UV-filtering film that can be put on windows?
AB, Redcar, North Yorkshire

A. Modern windscreens have two layers of glass with a tinted polyester layer between them that holds back nearly all UV light while letting in at least 75% of visible light, the legal minimum. Front side windows do not have such film, partly due to its cost, but it can be fitted.

Pentagon Glass-Tech, (, which has branches nationwide, can supply and fit LLumar UV Shield Film to your front side windows, blocking up to 99.9% of UV. The cost is about £130 per side window. If your windscreen is not tinted, Pentagon can also apply the film to that, typically for about £300.

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DIY kits can be bought, but the film is tricky to apply. A more practical alternative for the rear side windows would be Window Sox — stockings that slip over the door and cost £33 a pair from

Blinds attached by suction cups to the inside of the window are another option, though they can fall off or be prised free by children.

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