2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

Best luxury cars to buy in 2022

The ultimate

Luxury and prestige cars from high-end manufacturers offer the ultimate in driver and passenger comfort.

With most models the emphasis is very much placed upon the passenger, in fact, because these are cars that are more about being driven in than driving yourself.

Luxury cars offer opulence, with plush seats, thick carpet and plenty of other features to help isolate passengers from the outside world.

The best luxury cars deliver supreme comfort, with next to no wind or road noise, while hand-finished interiors will leave you in no doubt about the craftmanship that has gone into its creation.

Here are five of the best luxury cars for sale in 2022. They all deliver the ultimate in cruising comfort and have the upmarket qualities to set them apart from the rest of the new car market.

Best luxury cars at a glance

CarPrice fromPower options
Audi A8£74,895Petrol, diesel, PHEV
Bentley Flying Spur£160,200Petrol, PHEV
Mercedes S-Class£81,650Petrol, diesel, PHEV
Range Rover£94,400Petrol, diesel, PHEV
Rolls-Royce Ghost£233,235Petrol

1. Audi A8

2022 Audi A8

Evolution is key to the A8, and the current car is a clear progression from its predecessors.

Long and short wheelbase versions are available, while Audi’s ubiquitous quattro four-wheel drive offers all-weather traction. Cornering performance and safety are clear focuses, with air suspension that leans into turns and lifts the side of the car if an imminent side-impact is detected, to ensure the strong sill bears the brunt.

A recent facelift brought hi-tech lighting systems inside and out, while a new flagship has revived the Horch name and added even more opulence to the interior.

2. Bentley Flying Spur

Clarkson: the Bentley Flying Spur and the motorsport you’ve never heard of

Hand-crafted luxury is a byword for many bespoke British car makers, and the Bentley Flying Spur is a fantastic specimen of the breed.

Go for either the W12-powered or ‘lesser’ V8 model and you get a car that can cruise in near silence yet has the power to entertain if so desired.

What’s more, Bentley’s Mulliner division can help to create one-off versions with even greater luxury.

3. Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021 review by Will Dron for Sunday Times Driving.co.uk

It’s said that you should look to the luxury car class to see what tech will appear in mainstream models in the future, and there’s no finer example of this than the S-Class.

Previous generations have been first with tech such as adaptive cruise control, LED lights and brake assist, while the latest car’s vast digital dashboard and touchscreen is one that’s likely to filter to the rest of the Mercedes range over time.

Go for the Maybach version for the ultimate in luxury.

4. Range Rover

2022 Range Rover

An all-new Range Rover doesn’t come around very often, but that’s what we’re getting in 2022.

The new model is once again an evolution of what’s come before, but the car will maintain a tradition of offering quiet and refined comfort, as well as more off-road ability than any owner is ever likely to need.

Hybrid engines will make their debut, while a pure-electric Range Rover arrives at a later date.

5. Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost

If any car maker is synonymous with luxury, it’s Rolls-Royce. We’ve picked the Ghost here, as it’s the newest, but any of the company’s cars will deliver smooth, silent and unruffled running with power to spare.

The latest cars even come on a platform called the Architecture of Luxury, while tech such as terrain-reading navigation helps to maintain the high standards of comfort for which the company is famous. And the Black Badge models add an extra bit of exclusivity and spice.

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