25 best eco-cars for every occasion ‒ executive cars

Five executive cars with less than executive appetites



Our pick

Tesla Model S 85 
£57,300 (after government grant), 312-mile range, 0g/km 

Tesla Model S
The executive class is where some of the biggest efforts to boost mpg are to be found. There are no figures to look at when it comes to our pick, though: the Tesla Model S is all-electric, and until next April it’s exempt from company-car tax. It’s quick but still relaxing to drive. Once Tesla installs superfast chargers at service stations, there’ll be little advantage in picking a petrol or diesel car.

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BMW 520d SE auto 
£33,515, 68.9mpg, 109g/km 

BMW 520d
For driving satisfaction, the 5-series is still the car to beat, while the interior, ride comfort and noise levels are up with the best in class. Now fitted with the latest version of the firm’s miserly four-cylinder diesel, the 520d can theoretically travel 1,000 miles between fill-ups.

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Mercedes-Benz S 500 
£87,965, 100.9mpg, 65g/km 

Mercedes S500
All the comfort of Britain’s favourite luxury car with pure electric motoring for up to 20 miles. Just be aware that the big Mercedes won’t return anything like the official figures on long drives once the 3-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine hums into life. Still, it’s exempt from all emissions charges and benefits from low company-car tax.

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Also consider

Mercedes C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid 
£34,630, 78.5mpg, 94g/km 

Mercedes C-class
Cutting fuel consumption is easy if you lose weight, so trade down to the new C-class. The greenest hybrid model carries a £2,500 premium over the nearest diesel equivalent.

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Mazda 6 SE 2.2l Diesel 
£22,095, 72.4mpg, 104g/km 

Mazda 6
Great to drive and well priced, this saloon features new bits of technology that Mazda calls SkyActiv, each increasing efficiency a little.

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