Two heart-stopping school bus crashes caught on camera in same week

"Heroic" drivers stay calm to help students

FOOTAGE of two separate crashes has been released, involving school buses in the same school district in America.

The Greenville County (South Carolina) School District released the videos on March 22. Both incidents occurred in the same week.

Truck crash with special needs school bus

One crash shows a special needs bus in a collision with an HGV, which had lost control sending its trailer jack-knifing across the road. Four students were on board but they were not evacuated by the driver, who realised that a power cable has fallen on the vehicle.

We are releasing video of the wreck to highlight the impeccable work of the bus driver and her aide.

The driver, Tammy Cummings, and her aide Carletta Cyrus, were praised by the school district for their “impeccable work” in dealing with the situation: “She [Cummings] was alert, followed her training and comforted the children until help arrived.”

Greenville County Schools said parents of the students on board reached out to share their amazement and appreciation, and published this video of a grateful mum to its Facebook page:

Falling tree lands on school bus

In the second incident in Greenville County, a surveillance camera inside a school bus captured the moment a tree fell on top of it as it travelled with six students aboard.

The bus was carrying six students from Southside High School, five of whom were hospitalised as a result of injuries sustained. Three of the injured have returned to school, the other two are recovering.

The following video includes an interview with driver Brenda Copeland, who also suffered minor injuries but, like Tammy Cummings, stayed calm in order to help the students.

Credit: Greenville County Schools via Storyful