Police officer gives geese right of way on US highway

Why did the goose cross the road?

A US police officer temporarily halted highway traffic in response to an unusual road block: a gaggle of Canadian geese.

The feathered obstacle, in Roseburg, Oregon ended up being as large as it was unusual. Clearly shown in the footage are dozens upon dozens of the migratory waterfowl, with the person who filmed the footage claiming “at least 100” geese ended up crossing the road.

At time of writing, it’s unclear how the Oregonian officer came across the scene, nor is it known why he decided to chaperone the geese over the road. Still, credit to the policeman and the drivers for their patience as the birds sauntered their way to the other side.

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Canadian geese aren’t the only animals to make road crossing-related headlines lately. Recently, transport secretary Chris Grayling confirmed he was looking into using road signs “designed to make drivers aware when small wildlife is present“, in a bid to halt the decline of species such as hedgehogs.

Credit: Rich Benson via Storyful

Road signs may help hedgehogs cross in safety