Police dash cam captures scary aquaplane car crash

Always drive to the conditions, folks

DRIVING too fast on rain-drenched roads can be incredibly dangerous, as this new dash cam footage of a car crash in Oklahoma all-too-clearly shows.

Filmed from the car of a highway patrol trooper who was dealing with another incident, the clip shows an out-of-control Pontiac Solstice sports car slide at speed across the highway and smash into the embankment underneath a nearby bridge.

Amazingly, the teenage driver of the roadster managed to walk away relatively unscathed from the crash. According to the Oklahoma police the youngster wasn’t injured in the shunt, and the officer decided to give the driver a stern warning instead of a ticket because “the collision seemed to be lesson enough”.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol is using the footage to highlight the risks of not driving to the conditions, as well as to show why it’s important to safely drive past officers when they are on duty by the roadside.

Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol via Storyful