Ohio driver caught reversing at speed along congested highway

Adds new meaning to the phrase "to go forward, you must go back"

A US driver narrowly avoided having a major accident, after reversing at speed along a busy stretch of highway in Ohio.

Caught by CCTV cameras along a section of the US Route 33 highway, the footage released by the Ohio Department of Transport clearly shows the driver of a white SUV reversing at speed up a slipway, against the flow of traffic.

The driver proceeded to drive backwards and onto the road leading into the nearby city of Canal Winchester, before being caught for the last time still in reverse gear in a nearby supermarket car park.

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Amazingly, despite the display of unsafe driving and the incredibly close shaves the reversing SUV driver had, no one was injured or involved in a crash during this bizarre incident.

The motive behind the driver’s decision to reverse such a significant distance is unknown, though it’s speculated the driver was trying to overcome issues with the white SUV’s gearbox.

It also remains to be explained why the driver didn’t attempt to pull over and wait for recovery.

Credit: Ohio Department of Transport via Storyful