Motorcyclist weaving through Dublin traffic makes disastrous mistake

Biker almost ends up under wheels

A MOTORCYCLIST in Dublin misjudged how much time and space he needed to cut in front of an approaching bus and very nearly ended up under its wheels.

Footage from a nearby vehicle shows one bike successfully making the manoeuvre but a second biker is less lucky and is clipped by the bus.

According to the uploader, it was a “bad smash”. He wrote: “The motorbike rider hit the bus, then my car, then bounced back at the bus. Bike was badly damaged. My car was slightly damaged and the bus had minor damage”

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However, a commenter on the YouTube video claiming to be a friend of the motorcyclist played down the incident, which happened May 28, saying: “I’ve just spoken to him. Some bruising, he rode the bike home with just a small dent in the tank.”

Credit: Tal Tallon Gaming via Storyful