Morgan is ditching the V8 engine, and they're not happy about it (video)

Company will launch new sports car with new powertrain next year

BRITISH sports car maker Morgan has been fitting V8 engines to its cars for 50 years but the last two models to receive the classic eight-cylinder treatment have been built, according to the company.

In an emotional tribute video, chief test driver Keith Dalley talks about the impact of V8 power on Morgan models over the years. Having tested more than 1,300 V8-power Morgans, Dalley describes the outgoing BMW N62 as the ideal engine for the cars with a “living and breathing” sound that he says is missing from most “bland” sports cars today.

To fill the gap created by the loss of the Plus 8 and Aero 8 models, Morgan will launch a new “Wide Body” sports car in 2019 above the Roadster, Plus 4 and 4/4 in the range, though the company says it’s not a direct replacement for the 8s, due to the fact that it will introduce a new generation of engine.

Morgan drops the V8 engine and introduces wide body sports car

Morgan isn’t revealing the configuration of the new powerplant but the video gives us a little taste of the sound it makes, and those with attuned ears may be able to hazard a guess.

Dalley ends the video by saying that although dropping the V8 is sad for him personally, he appreciates that factors such as tougher emissions regulations mean “the V8 has had its time,” and suggests that Morgan wouldn’t ditch the eight if something better wasn’t coming along. Consider our appetites whetted.