Ken Block rolls Escort Cosworth rally car, watches it go up in flames

RIP Cozzie, but Block lives on to Gymkhana another day

KEN BLOCK’S rallying escapades for 2018 have been cut short, after he crashed his 1990s Ford Escort Cosworth rally car and it burst into flames.

The incident happened during the fourth stage of the New England Forest Rally, when the Gymkhana star rolled the classic ‘Cozzie’ after clipping a boulder, which Block blames on transmission trouble that meant the ‘box was unable to engage the correct gear when he needed it.

WILD day for @AlexGelsomino and I. We were running in 3rd overall in the New England Forest Rally (with a gear box problem), pressing on to finish Stage 4 when I turned into a tighter left corner and downshifted. The box didn’t shift when I wanted it to (because mechanical issue), and when it finally did, it threw me into the inside of a corner and into a big rock. That rock sent us rolling over twice. We landed on our wheels, and I was ready to get going again because we were shiny side up. Buuuut as you can see, a fire started REALLY quick. Alex and I got out safely, but the car thoroughly burned right there on the stage. Luckily the incar action was caught on my helmet mounted @GoPro. #thatsrally #wewillrebuild #BlockEscortCossie

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Once the fast Ford had come to a stop, a fire sprouted from the engine bay, with Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino managing to escape before the flames engulfed the car.

In addition to the fact that a prized modern classic car was turned to ash, the incident was made harder to swallow because that Block and Gelsomino were quite competitive during the event, with the pair running in third position overall when the catastrophe occurred.

Though the Ford is now no more, the Escort will have a posthumous starring role in the upcoming GynkhanaTEN stunt film, as well as the accompanying “The Gymkhana Files” Amazon Prime series that’s due to commence in late 2018.

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