Carwow camps it up in eerie Audi RS4 Avant Halloween video

Things going bump (start) in the night

THE AUDI RS4 Avant is a spacious car, but just how practical is the performance estate? Carwow’s Mat Watson went to find out in a video test with a twist, by taking the car on a camping trip.

Instead of using a tent or caravan, Mat decided to spend the night in the all-wheel drive Audi. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, he chose an incredibly spooky spot in the middle of the woods.

Why Watson went with that location, we do not know. Perhaps the biggest mystery of all, though, is this: why didn’t he think to brush his teeth until 1am?

Do watch the video to the end. For an extra challenge, have a guess what the twist is before watching, and see if your prediction was on point or not.