News: Green indifference costing drivers dear, 6 tax-friendly cars

Despite car tax rates that are linked to a vehicle’s emissions, and schemes such as London’s congestion charge that rewards motorists who drive ultra low-emission vehicles, most drivers are indifferen
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New Registration Special: Crossovers

Driving's guide to the best crossovers with 64 registration plate for September 2014
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Buying guide: Top 10 cars for the school run

The schools go back next week and while the kids will be tooling up for their education, parents may feel they, too, need to replace the old school-run...
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News: Driving reveals the new car heroes that helped...

Models including the Mercedes A-class, Nissan Juke and Ford Fiesta have emerged as the heroes of the new car showrooms as dealers celebrate 27 consecutive...
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Skoda Yeti review (2009 - on)

Youre looking at one of Jeremy Clarksons favourite cars. And in case youre considering its key rival, the Mini Countryman, dont: the Yeti is at least...