Does Ferrari joystick patent suggest supercars without steering wheels are on the way?

Ferrari is looking to reinvent the steering wheel with its future supercars and grand tourers, if a recent patent is anything to go by.
Jaguar XF

Why does my car's steering wheel vibrate when I'm stationary?

When my Jaguar XF diesel is stationary or turning at low speeds, the steering wheel vibrates and the steering feels spongy. What is causing this?
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How can I tell if my antilock braking system is faulty?

Q. If I feather the footbrake in my five-year-old Jaguar XF at 50-60mph, the steering wheel judders
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The steering on my BMW often wanders. How can I stop...

Q. The steering on my BMW 330d M Sport often wanders. This can be quite disturbing. How can I stop it?
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What could be causing my Skoda Fabia to pull to the...

Q. On long, straight sections of road my newly acquired (but three-year-old) Skoda Fabia pulls to the left when I relax my grip on the steering wheel...