Scrappage scheme to boost electric car sales rejected by ministers

A scrappage scheme expected by many to be announced this month has been rejected by ministers.
Tesla supplier creating million-mile battery

Tesla supplier creating 1.24 million-mile battery

A Chinese company has created a battery that it claims will take your car two million km (1.24m miles) before it needs replacing.
Car industry pushes for scrappage scheme and petrol incentives

Car industry wants scrappage, petrol incentives

The UK’s automotive industry is reportedly in talks with the government in order to procure a £1.5bn deal in the form of a scrappage scheme.
You'll cry when you watch £400,000 worth of sports cars crushed by bulldozer in Philippines

Video: Watch sports cars crushed by bulldozer

A Porsche 911 GT3, Mercedes SL55 AMG, BMW Z1 and Alpina B12 were among nearly £400,000 worth of cars crushed on Wednesday by a bulldozer...
What car scrappage schemes are available in 2017?

What car scrappage schemes are available in 2017?

Following concerns over air pollution and the government's announcement that cars powered solely by petrol and diesel engines will be banned from
Drivers of polluting cars could be paid £1,000 to go green

Scrappage for drivers of polluting cars

Drivers of highly polluting cars should be given a £1,000 voucher to help them to switch to cleaner cars, bicycles or public transport for their...