Corvette driver, 70, survives 150ft fall down river valley

A 70-year-old driver destroyed his Chevrolet Corvette after going off the road and down a mountainside in Arizona, USA.
Seaplane-rescuing tour bus strands itself on Australian beach

Watch as a bus rescuing a seaplane gets stranded

A NORMAL day at the beach involves building sand castles, jumping the waves and watching little white fluffy clouds pass overhead. But for visito
Californian motorist almost drives car off multi-story

Californian almost drives car off car park

The fate of a Californian motorist was literally left in the balance, after nearly driving her car off the edge of a multi-storey car park.
Video: Children saved from overturned car caught in flood water "back home and well"

Watch desperate motorists rescue two children

It plays out like a nail-biting scene from a Hollywood disaster movie, but the footage of an overturned car trapped in flood water...