Watch this Porsche 911 bonnet fly off the car during track day

Now there's even less weight over the front wheels.

A PORSCHE driver recently found out the hard way how important it is to ensure your bonnet catch is secure before taking your car out on track.

As shown in this onboard footage, the bonnet of the driver’s modified Porsche 911 was flung open by the force of the airflow at speed.

Scarily, the force that set the bonnet free from its catch was also strong enough to tear the panel off its hinges. You could argue that it was fortunate the lid flew over the top of the Porsche, rather than swinging straight into the windscreen and blocking the view ahead.

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It’s also worth praising the driver’s and calmness and composure during what must’ve been quite a startling incident. The driver is seen to glance in his rear view mirror, possibly to check that other drivers were OK, although it may simply have been a quick look to make sure he knew exactly where his airborne bonnet landed.