Video: Radio-controlled car club pulls off The Italian Job remake

Hang on a minute lads; I've got a great idea.

The Italian Job remake with radio controlled cars

THE ITALIAN Job is one of the best-loved British films of all time, with likely-lad banter and action-packed stunts that see it continue to top polls 45 years after it was first shown.

It’s a wonder, then, that it took until now for a group of radio-controlled car enthusiasts to have the great idea of recreating the big-screen success story in miniature.

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Using scale model replicas of the Mini Coopers that were loaded with gold and used as getaway cars  in The Italian Job, and a scale version of the Harrington Legionnaire coach that carried the cars and loot, the tribute not only pays homage to the film that starred Michael Caine, but also displays some impressive driving skills.

Miniature cameras capture all the action. Pull up a chair and judge for yourself – and prepare to be humming the theme tune for the rest of the day.


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