Van crashed into Dutch newspaper building and set alight

Now that's a hot take

THE OFFICES of the Amsterdam-based newspaper De Telegraaf were recently attacked, after a Dutch driver drove a van into the building and set it ablaze.

Caught on video by a CCTV camera in the early hours of June 26, the van is seen ploughing head on into the front of the building then backs up to ram it a second time. The driver then jumps out, grabs a jerry can and pours fuel inside and ignites it, before fleeing the scene on foot.

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Despite the damage caused by the arson, no one was reported injured. At time of writing, Dutch police have yet to detain a suspect, though law enforcement officials in Amsterdam are trying to trace an Audi saloon they believe the arsonist made his escape in.

In response to the incident, more security measures will be put in place at De Telegraaf and other media agencies in Amsterdam. More police will be “visibly present” in the city, with more extensive CCTV operations also being part of the new preventative measures.