Tokyo show: Nissan to launch 3E Google Glass-style headset for drivers (video)

Should have gone to Google

Nissan has released a dramatic film previewing a glasses-type wearable device that could allow a driver to download information from the internet to the lens. The headset, called Nissan 3E, is due to be unveiled at the Tokyo motor show next week.

The device appears to be similar to Google Glass “spectacles” and like the internet giant’s new device, can record projected images, and send as well as receive information.

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In launching its 3E device, Nissan would seem to be anticipating a change in laws that, for now, don’t look kindly on drivers wearing such headsets. Some motorists in the US caught wearing Google Glass spectacles have been charged by police with driving while distracted.

Not that Mercedes is discouraged by such news, either. It is developing a navigation app for Google Glass that could continue to guide the driver once they’ve left their car, as well as providing route information while they’re driving.