Test your knowledge: what is the most popular car among Premiership footballers?

Wayne Rooney

BIG WATCHES designer clothes and champagne… Sometimes, a football player’s status symbols can seem more important to them than their performance statistics. After all, nothing says you’ve made it more than a fancy car in the team car park. But as Michael Owen points out, you’ve got to earn your bling first.

So, do you know what is the most popular car among Premiership footballers?

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It’s the Range Rover!

Michael Owen’s first car may have been a Rover 1.8 coupé but today’s footballers have a more sophisticated Rover in their garages. According to a survey conducted by Oracle Finance, their favourite car is the Range Rover.

Gary Cahill Range Rover Overfinch

Wayne Rooney, Gary Cahill, Jon Mikel Obi all ferry themselves between their mansions and practice grounds in a humble Rangie. Well, as humble as a customised Range Rover Overfinch can be…

Mario Balotelli Bentley Continental GT

Their next favourite car is the slightly more ostentatious Bentley Continental GT. Italian football star Mario Balotelli famously covered his £160,000 example in a camouflage vinyl wrap.

Ferrari 458s, Maserati GranTurismos and Lamborghini Gallardos all feature in the top 10. Footballers keeping it real.

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