T time: new Porsche 911 T sheds a little weight, accelerates a fraction faster

A Carrera 2 with added bite

IF YOU were being unkind, the new 911 T from Porsche could be viewed as the poor man’s 911 R.

The latest spin-off created to keep interest in the 911 sports car alive at a difficult economic time follows the approach of the limited edition R, which cost £136,901 when it was on sale, but is considerably more affordable.

Priced from £85,576, the new 911 T is not to be confused with the Targa model. Instead, it is based on the 911 Carrera 2 (from £77,891) and is served with a little more bite.

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It shares the same 3-litre, twin-turbo flat-six cylinder engine, boasting 365bhp, but comes with a seven-speed manual gearbox as standard that features a shorter final drive ratio, to help improve acceleration.

There is also a limited-slip differential fitted as standard, which can improve the car’s ability to hug the road when accelerating out of a bend, and Porsche’s PASM sports suspension.

By removing the back seats and fitting thinner glass to the back side windows, as well as replacing the interior door handles with fabric pull-straps, Porsche engineers have managed to save a modest 20kg compared with a standard Carrera 2.

The car comes with a subtle body kit, sports steering wheel and seats, and some “911 T” branding.

It is on sale now and the first cars are likely to arrive in time for the new year.

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