Hyundai delivers 10 hydrogen-powered lorries to Europe

Hyundai has shipped ten of the world’s first hydrogen-powered heavy duty lorry to Europe.
Holiday towns ban cars in anticipation of socially distanced tourism

Holiday towns ban cars as lockdown eases

England's holiday towns are banning cars from their streets as they gear up to accommodate socially distanced tourists.
More road police to be deployed across UK

More road police to be deployed across UK

The Times has learned that more police officers will be deployed onto the nation's roads to tackle crimes including drink driving.
Those who pass driving test first time are safest drivers, says study

Those who pass driving test first time are safest

New research has settled the debate about whether or not the best drivers actually pass first time.
Garden villages have created car-dependent populations, says report

Planned garden villages 'too car-dependent'

A new study has found that the rural idyll of garden towns may have, in reality, formed populations completely dependent on cars.
Public transport restrictions could put 1m more cars on the road

One million extra cars on road after lockdown

Limits on the capacity of public transport during rush hour will lead to an extra one million cars on the road, according to new research.
Are motorcycles the way out of lockdown?

Are motorcycles best way to get UK moving again?

The end to lockdown has posed a number of practical problems. One of the primary concerns is how to commute while maintaining social distance.
Street charging is postcode lottery, says research

Electric car street charging is postcode lottery

A study of electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK leaves has revealed the stark regional divides in availability of public chargers.
Cars to be banned outside schools

Cars to be banned outside schools

Cars will be prohibited outside schools at certain times in order to protect students in polluted areas from vehicle fumes.
Coronavirus could usher in age of the e-scooter

Coronavirus could usher in age of the e-scooter

New proposals might see e-scooters legalised in Britain as commuters are urged not to use public transport.
Government invests in road network and charging infrastructure

Government announces billions for road network

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has announced investment in Britain’s road network worth billions.
Quarter of men admit they are more likely to speed on lockdown roads

One in seven risk non-essential journey

A new study has revealed that 14% of people have risked making a non-essential journey since the coronavirus lockdown was enforced.
Pothole-related breakdowns increase due to winter storms

Spike in pothole-related breakdowns

Storms at the beginning of the year have contributed to an increase in pothole-related breakdowns, according to new statistics.