Magnetised concrete that charges electric vehicles on the move tested in America

Magment is a magnetised concrete developed by a German company that could be used to charge EVs as they drive.
UK traffic delays are worst in Europe and getting longer

Climate challenge to £27bn road plan rejected

The government takes another step towards £27bn roads investment after a High Court injunction by a climate group is rejected.
CMA: UK needs ten times more electric car charging points by 2030

Shortfall in UK charging network revealed

The UK needs to expand its electric vehicle charging network tenfold by 2030, according to new government research. 
UK roads melt during UK heatwave

Emergency works as UK roads melt in heatwave

Local councils perform emergency works as increasing temperatures cause some road surfaces to melt.
The government is being urged by leading road research experts to reduce the default national speed limit around towns from 30mph to 20mph in order to reduce road deaths and serious injuries.

Government urged to make 20mph default speed limit

One-third of UK roads now have 20mph limit, as urban areas seek to reduce limits to protect vulnerable road users.
UK traffic delays are worst in Europe and getting longer

UK's £27bn road-building plan hits legal logjam

Environmental objections hold up government’s road building plans and could lead to traffic chaos.
low-traffic zone cyclist

LTNs generate £14 million in fines over 12 months

Motorists being fined millions of pounds for inadvertently entering low-traffic neighbourhoods.
Revealed: the dangerous defects found on foreign and British lorries

Temporary changes to working hours for HGV drivers

Government move to temporarily extend the number of hours that HGV drivers can work is met with backlash from the industry.
Return of hard shoulder to motorways would endanger drivers, says government minister

Return of hard shoulder 'risks 25 extra deaths'

Reinstalling hard shoulders on smart motorways may cause at least 25 extra road deaths per year, according to a government minister.
Cyclist received £200k in damages due to pothole

Single pothole payout cost council nearly £250,000

A cyclist in St. Helens received a £200k government payout after suffering multiple injuries from a fall caused by a pothole.
Stonehenge road tunnel plans put Unesco world heritage site status in danger

Stonehenge road tunnel plans risk Unesco status

The proposed Stonehenge bypass tunnel puts the monument's status as a world heritage site at risk, Unesco has warned.
Smart motorway development paused after legal threat

New smart motorway paused after legal threat

The development of a new smart motorway across the Pennines has been paused after a retired vicar threatened a legal challenge.
Right-hand turns across traffic should be banned, research suggests

Ban right hand turns across traffic, says academic

Right-hand turns across traffic should be banned in the UK's cities in order to ease congestion and reduce emissions, research has suggested.