Retro electric sports car looks like a VW Karmann Ghia but comes from Czech start-up

Czech mate

AT FIRST glance, the black sports car looks like a classic Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, the ice-cool 1955 coupe and roadster that proved such a hit with drivers that they remained on sale for 20 years.

But peer at the badge more closely and it says MW, not VW, and the distinctive farty-rasp of the flat-four-cylinder, air-cooled engine is replaced by the silence of an electric motor.

This is the new Luka EV, a two-door, two-seat electric sports car built by a Czech car company start-up, MW Motors.

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It is small, light (weighing just 815kg) and nippy, zipping from standstill to 62mph in 9.6 seconds. Four electric motors, one for each wheel, take care of propulsion, delivering a combined 50kW. However, the top speed of 91mph is nothing to shout about – in fact, it’s no better than the classic VW Karmann Ghia that it appears to mimic.

More significantly, the Luka EV is claimed to be able to travel 186 miles on a single charge of its battery. And the company claims it can charge to 80% capacity within one hour, but doesn’t say which specification of charger is required for such performance.

MW-Motors-Luka-EV-rear view

It is built using an aluminium chassis and composite body panels, while the interior features carbon fibre panelling and leather trim. A touchscreen infotainment system, air conditioning, electric windows and central locking are all said to be standard.

The little-known company says it is still awaiting crash test results, and doesn’t yet know whether it will be sold in the UK.

However, anyone that has ever hankered for a Karmann Ghia but would prefer an eco-friendly, modern interpretation, can register their interest with MW Motors, which is located near Pilsen, west of Prague.

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