Britax Advansafix review

Products: Britax Advansafix child seat review

Review of the Britax Advansafix child seat

Britax Advansafix review

  • Price: £220
  • Group: 1, 2, 3
  • Age range: Nine months to 12 years
  • Best for: Longevity

It’s unlikely that new parents will be able to wrap their heads around the idea of their baby sleeping through the night, let alone starting secondary school. But it is a legal obligation in the UK for children to use a car or booster seat until they weigh 36kg or reach 12 years old or are 135cm (4ft 5in) tall.

The forward-facing Britax Advansafix offers amazing longevity and is suitable from around nine months to 12 years.

Its star feature and the secret to its long lifespan is a rock-solid installation system: Isofix, seatbelt fittings and a top tether that all reduce movement.

The adjustable headrest is designed to keep up with growth spurts, the seat reclines to accommodate naps and the padded five-point harness keeps children firmly and comfortably in place until they’re more than a little bit gangly, giving parents extra piece of mind.

While it looks a bit of a chunky monkey compared with the diddy infant seats, it really isn’t that much larger than a group 1 model and should fit in even small vehicles. Given that the seat is suitable for children up to group 3 size, this is pretty impressive.

Plus, while persuading an 11-year-old to use a car seat may be tricky, the Advansafix looks good, being deliberately designed to echo a racing driver’s bucket seat.

It is available in red-and-black Chili Pepper or the thrilling-sounding Black Thunder.

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