News: Vibrating shoe insoles could give drivers smart feet

A new definition of "heel and toe


YOU’VE HEARD of a “seat of the pants” driving experience; now enthusiast drivers may soon be able to add “heel of the shoe” thrills.

A company has designed a shoe insole which, when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, vibrates in response to signals. A promotional video to support the product, designed in India by Ducere Technologies, shows how a jogger could sense the vibrations to orient themselves on an unfamiliar route and track the distance they have run.

Over in the world of cars, the vibrating insole could alert a driver of any number of things, including when to change gear or changes in the direction of a road – left buzz for left turns and right buzz for right turns. It could also guide them to their parked car.

In terms of providing heel of the shoe thrills, the insole could also provide subtle steering and braking feedback otherwise masked by the car’s electronic systems.

The rechargeable insoles go on sale in the US in the autumn, priced from around £100.

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