News: Porsche unveils smartwatch face app

The time? Yes, it’s 11 minutes past nine, but my watch may be fast

Porsche smartwatch

NOT ALL of us have the chance to get behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayman GTS or 911 GT3 RS, but a new, free digital watch face can give smartwatch owners a little taste of Porsche ownership.

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The Porsche Watch Face is an Android app that runs on a number of smartwatches, such as the Motorola Motor 360, the LG G Watch R and the Samsung Gear Live. Free to download at Google Play, it shows the hour, minute, seconds and date in a sleek, minimalist style. Once the 2015 world endurance championship kicks off on April 12 at Silverstone, the watch face will also display, in the week of each race, an outline of the respective circuit.

Smartwatch faces are one of the fastest-growing types of app, letting owners customise their hi-tech timepiece, and Porsche is the first car maker to jump on the bandwagon. However, the number of smartwatch wearers is low – Kantar Worldpanel, the consumer insight organisation, told Driving that only 1% of the UK is a smartwatch wearer and 84% of consumers are not planning on buying a smartwatch in the future.