News: Porsche 918 Spyders recalled

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News: Porsche 918 Spyder recalled

OWNERS OF Porsche’s hypercar received an unwelcome gift this Christmas: the company has let slip that its 918 Spyder is being recalled again.

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Around the world 205 examples of the £612,000 car, which was built partly to boost the firm’s high-performance image, have been found to have faulty parts that could cause components in the front axle to crack and eventually break.

Buyers of the 214mph plug-in hybrid were contacted last week and asked to visit their dealers in early January to have the defective parts replaced — an operation that will take a couple of days. Between 50 and 100 918s have been sold in Britain, and Porsche says a handful of those will be affected; it won’t reveal exactly how many.

It is the second time the company has been let down by parts suppliers for its flagship model. In summer it recalled five 918 Spyders in America because of a fault with the rear-suspension control arms.

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