News: One in five motorists scared off the road by bad drivers

ALMOST ONE in five motorists is so worried about dangerous drivers that they have opted out of making a journey, claims new research. Topping the league table of drivers’ so-called “accident anxieties” is tailgating (45% worry about the car behind being too close), aggressive road rage behaviour (41%) and uninsured drivers (29%).

According to Allianz Insurance, which conducted the research, they’re right to be worried: together such actions account for 130 road deaths and 26,500 injuries each year.

But just as inconsiderate drivers can dent a motorist’s confidence so, too, can being involved in an accident. Over one in five motorists who has been in a collision subsequently feels more worried and stressed behind the wheel.

Road safety experts advised worried motorists to rise above the actions of bad drivers.

James Gibson of Road Safety GB said: “The best advice is not to react, as this can cause a collision. For example, if you are being tailgated recognise that some drivers are intent on overtaking, and the best way to deal with this is to simply allow them to pass when it’s safe to do so. Think about the things that cause you stress, and develop strategies to cope before you start your journey.”