News: Mechanic rolls customer's Lamborghini on test drive

Austrian mechanic tests Lambroghini's rollover crash worthiness

IF YOU’VE ever wondered how you’d fare in a rollover in a convertible, just ask one unfortunate mechanic who has had just such an experience.

Austrian spannerman Niklas Schwartz , 29, was test driving a customer’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, worth £130,000, when he lost control of the car on a wet bend.

The Gallardo promptly slammed into a crash barrier on the B310 in Upper Austria and flipped onto its roof.  Although it was a write-off, Schwartz emerged from the smashed cabin without a scratch. His 24-year-old passenger was not quite so fortunate, receiving a minor head injury which was treated on the spot by paramedics.

It took 14 firemen and two fire engines one hour to get the Lamborghini back on its wheels and tow it away. Fortunately for the car-less Schwarz and his passenger, the tow driver offered them a lift, too.