News: English drivers warned as Scotland lowers its drink-drive limit

"The best advice? Don't drink and drive."

Sotland toughens drink driving limit

ENGLISH DRIVERS have been warned to heed the new drink-drive limits in Scotland as Parliament in Holyrood unanimously agreed to lower the legal limit of alcohol permitted in a driver’s bloodstream from 80mg to 50mg for every 100ml of blood.

The new rules come into force today and see a drastic reduction in the amount of alcohol drivers can consume before getting behind the wheel.

Although blood alcohol concentration levels vary between individuals depending on sex, build, metabolic rate and even diet, the new level of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood could see the average male over the limit after less than a pint of normal strength beer or lager and limited to a small glass of wine.

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Michael Matheson, Justice Secretary for Scotland, said the new laws would save lives and paved the way for tighter drink-drive limits in the UK.

Motorists heading north of the border have also been warned that they could legally get behind the wheel after having a drink in England but would be over the limit as soon as they cross the Scottish border.

Campaigners say the new laws will cut deaths and serious injuries on Scottish roads, with experts stating that almost 20 deaths a year are attributed to drink-driving north of the border.

The UK government has said it currently has no plans to reduce the drink-drive limit in England but various road safety charities, including Brake, are calling for a legal limit of just 20mg to be brought in.

Others, including AA President Edmund King, believe there should be a blanket ban on alcohol for drivers and recently urged motorists to avoid drink entirely.