News: Axe flies from pick-up truck through following car’s windscreen

Driver shaken but not hurt


STONES, CIGARETTE ENDS, even birds… most drivers have experienced one or all of these hitting their windscreen. But an axe?

The image, released by Massachusetts State Police who attended the incident, shows the fearsome implement embedded in the dashboard of a car after it flew off the back of a landscaper’s pick-up truck and burst through the windscreen.

The vehicles had been driving on Route 95 when the accident occurred.

Writing on Facebook, the police said: “The passenger was shaken up (who wouldn’t be?) but not injured.”

The landscaper was given a $200 fine for failing to secure his cargo.

The police reminded all drivers to tie down anything loose that might fall off their cars and said that had the driver been exceeding the 65mph speed limit, the axe would have gone right through the windscreen and injured the passenger.

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